Hide popping out command window step export

Hello at all,

I´ve got a function that allows me to export step data.

The export_command window always shows off and stays there until the export is done.

Is it possible to hide this window?

Hereby the code of the export function:

Sub STP_Export_AV(ByVal outputFile As String, ByVal inputFile As String, _ settings As String, stpSelectedObjects As List(Of NXObject))

Dim added1 As Boolean
Dim nXObject1 As NXObject
Dim step214Creator1 As Step214Creator

step214Creator1 = theSession.DexManager.CreateStep214Creator()
step214Creator1.ExportSelectionBlock.SelectionScope = ObjectSelector.Scope.SelectedObjects
step214Creator1.ObjectTypes.Solids = True

step214Creator1.SettingsFile = settings

If Not IO.File.Exists(step214Creator1.SettingsFile) Then
MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Datei: (ugstep214.def) nicht _
gefunden." & "{0}DXF-Export abgebrochen", vbNewLine))
Exit Sub
End If

step214Creator1.InputFile = "@DB" & inputFile

step214Creator1.OutputFile = outputFile

added1 = step214Creator1.ExportSelectionBlock.SelectionComp.Add(stpSelectedObjects.ToArray)

step214Creator1.FileSaveFlag = False
step214Creator1.LayerMask = "1-256"
nXObject1 = step214Creator1.Commit()

End Sub

When using the step214Creator object, I don't know of a way to hide the command window that pops up.