Engineer Meet NX Journaling

Journal is a powerful tool in NX/Unigraphics that allows common Engineering routines to be automated. This website is being designed for the Engineer with a modicum of programming knowledge who desires to create journals in NX/Unigraphics. We will rely predominately on the coding learned from Visual Basic to create our journals. If you are a complete novice to programming, you may find it best to grab an easy Visual Basic(VB) book from your local library and familiarize yourself with the basics code writing before attempting to create your own journals.

Using WinForms in Journals

We've looked at various graphical interface elements to interact with the user: However, sometimes you need something customized to the task at hand; it's time to create our own input form.


Wrangling the WCS

Having a working coordinate system (WCS) that can easily be moved around makes life easier for the designer. Choosing a convenient coordinate system and entering values directly is much simpler than transforming all the desired coordinates into the absolute coordinate system (ACS). The benefits of having a WCS are not only for the designers using interactive NX, programmers can also use the WCS to make their lives easier too.

Break dimension extension lines

It is good practice to place drawing dimensions so that the extension lines do not intersect other dimension lines. However, occasionally such placement is unavoidable. While I do not believe it is required by any major drafting standard, some people prefer the aesthetic of adding a break, or gap, to one of the lines at the point of intersection. NX provides a custom symbol, the gap symbol, to provide for the appearance of a gap in the desired extension line.

Change Expression Units

The expression system in NX is "'unit aware" and can correctly handle a wide variety of unit types. This can make life easier since the designer no longer has to worry about unit conversions when creating expressions. Create a new length expression using units of centimeters, add an existing expression defined in inches to another defined in millimeters and you get the correct length expressed in centimeters.


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