selection method

Report length of Tube Feature

The following journal will prompt the user to select a tube feature and will report the total length of the tube. Copy and paste the following code into a text file, then save it with a name such as “Tube_Length.vb”. Create or open a file that has some tube features in it and run the journal. The tube may be made of a single sketch, multiple sketches, dumb curves, edges, or any combination thereof. The journal demonstrates how to access the individual curves used to create the tube feature, and the use of the Ui.SelectWithSingleDialog function.

Adding an Interactive Selection Routine using SelectObject(...) and SelectObjects(...)

Adding an interactive selection routine also allows you to generalize your journal and make it more useful. Limiting, or filtering the allowed selection types is vital to getting your journal to work correctly.  The selection object will give you the power and flexibility needed for selecting one or more objects of one or more different types.

Using the Basic SelectObject(...)