label on parent

Hello there,
On drawing I need to write a code of how to select just the label on parent. The drawing note appears as a label on the page when TYPE / PLAIN is added and reflects all the changes for the label on parent view. Is there a way to separate them?

Since you mention "label on parent", I'm assuming that you are working with detail views. If so, I'm not sure what you mean by separating "them"; separating what? Separating the text from the boundary circle? For what reason?

Hello there,
is it possible to add files here? My English is not very good, I can not tell what I want. Maybe I understand if you attach files. The rules require that the letters of the names of the section - detail views on the drawing page have to be bold. It takes time to deal with each one. I wrote a code, but when I add notes to the picture, it changes in the properties of the note. I just want the letters in the section and detail views to change.

Example: Detail AA (This AA detail view is taken from the section on ARC on the picture)

is there no friend with knowledge on this subject?

help me

Unfortunately, due to my current schedule, I'm not able to dig into this issue. But, here are a few threads on the Siemens community site that may help you: